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WHM Mission, Vision, & Values
At Walter's Home Management, we care as much about the WAY we serve our clients as we do about the actual services we provide!
Mission: To establish relationships with owners, residents, vendors and employees that inspire confidence and peace-of-mind in providing responsive, knowledgeable solutions through the integration of people, technology and ethical business practices.
Vision: To be the most trusted and respected company leading the property management community in providing innovative solutions to owners and residents alike through our knowledge, expertise and client responsiveness. Our reputation is defined by our success in this endeavor.
Values: Our company values are the fundamental beliefs and principles with which we operate. We value and encourage the interaction and cooperation of our staff both within the organization and in assisting and serving our owners and residents. We promote
  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Serving Others
  • Knowledge/Expertise
  • Integrity
Avoiding Court
No investor wants to receive a call from a property manager that legal action could be or is necessary. As your property management company, we spend a lot of time and energy trying to avoid this kind of call. Our efforts include updating our education, preventative maintenance, placing qualified tenants in your property, and handling the many details involved with your property in a timely manner. However, avoiding litigation requires teamwork. Property owners and managers can follow these ABCs to avoid legal action.
Always follow the law
Many important laws and rulings affect rental property today, such as Fair Housing, habitability, retaliation, lead-based paint, mold, etc. Every year even more legislation occurs due to litigation. We continually update our knowledge by attending industry events and reading important publications. We also make a conscientious effort to keep you, the investor, informed, by sending important notifications and providing informational articles in our newsletter. If a legal situation arises, we will make you aware of what is happening, what action is necessary, and explain why.
Why is it important that you know legislation or rulings that affect your property? It is crucial you know the penalties and costs that could affect your bottom line. You cannot plead "ignorance" of the law and place blame elsewhere. The court's attitude is and always will be that you, the property owner, are responsible for knowing what governs your property. Knowledge empowers investors to make intelligent decisions.
Be Proactive
Taking a proactive approach will avoid the majority of legal issues. It is absolutely necessary for property owners and managers to follow Fair Housing laws and rules while marketing and renting property. Providing well-maintained properties to residents is another crucial area where the investor and property manager must work together to avoid future problems. It is always easier to think "preventative" and avoid difficult situations and possibly incur financial losses.
Consider all options in seeking resolution
The fact is that no matter how much property owners/managers work on education, good tenancy, and preventative maintenance, problems can still occur with the tenancy or the property. Even good tenants can have unusual problems. Unexpected maintenance and external forces, such as a natural disaster can cause other difficulties and legal threats. No matter what happens, property managers and investors should work together and consider all options to resolve issues with the tenants and/or the property.
When an issue does arise, there are often alternatives to going to court. It is imperative that you evaluate the costs and results of proceeding with any legal tenant action. For example, the former tenant may dispute their security deposit deductions. Although their claims may not be justified, it can be more costly to refuse to compromise or make a concession and chance a court decision.
There are times that legal action is the only choice. If this happens, it is important to move as quickly as possible to prevent even further losses. As your property management company, we will do our best to avoid having to call you regarding a legal matter. We ask you to work with us to avoid litigation whenever possible.
October 2014
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Our Clients Say...
I am very new to this country and having come here my search for a new home started. Through many channels I landed up with Walters Home Management. I never felt that I am someone coming from a different part of the world. She was so friendly and so very helpful. She helped me out in every aspect in getting me a new rental home. Everything was setup smoothly and I moved in. After a couple of months there was a problem in the drainage system of the building and my apartment got flooded with water. All I did was I called up their emergency number and explained them the situation. I have never seen anybody respond like they did. They got a plumber in immediately and they cleared out the blockage. They made everything so simple for me. And today I see that my bathroom, kitchen and half of my apartment has been remodeled. The flooring has been changed and everything looks like new in the apartment. I have been to their office many times and all the staff over there are simply great. They greet you, make you feel comfortable, listen to your problem patiently and act accordingly. If I ever need to change my apartment in future Walters Home Management will be my only option. Thank you for all your help.
~ Debabrata
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