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Hiring a San Diego property manager can seem a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of choices, and everyone is probably making big promises.

We think that when you’re looking for a company to manage one of your largest investments or a portfolio of those investments, you need to find a team of professionals with:

  • Local and industry experience
  • An outstanding reputation
  • A willingness to talk about their services and processes

When you’re interviewing potential managers, make sure you ask them these 10 questions.


What is your experience like?

You want to work with an experienced property management company, but don’t be too impressed by the number of years they’ve been in business. Get to know what kind of experience that entails. Has it all been in San Diego? Has it been with the types of property you own?


How do you handle tenant placement and screening?

The tenant in your property will determine whether you have a successful or a stressful rental experience. Ask about tenant screening and retention.


Who responds to maintenance emergencies and routine repairs?

Some management companies have their own vendors and others use outside vendors. Find out how the property manager handles repair requests and whether they are available 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies.


What types of vendors do you work with?

All vendors should be licensed, insured, and experienced. Property managers who try to cut corners and save money can end up putting you at risk and costing you more than is necessary.


Can you handle the accounting associated with my property?

A full-service San Diego property management company should be able to keep careful accounting records. You should receive detailed statements that outline the income and expenses related to your investments. Make sure you can access this information online through a portal or a software system.


How do you leverage technology?

Property management software has become sophisticated, and a good management company will use it for marketing, screening, repair requests, rental payments, inspection reports, and communication. You want to work with a modern management company that’s flexible and innovative.


What have you learned about the San Diego rental market?

Look for a response that demonstrates the property manager you’re talking to has a good understanding of the local trends and the tenant demands. You need someone who is knowledgeable and in touch with real estate and rental homes in your area.


What sets you apart from other San Diego property managers?

Every property manager you talk to will tell you about their extensive screening process and their on-time rental collections. Find out what makes them different. How do they manage your property differently, and what do they offer that other companies can’t? That’s where the real value can be found.


How are your fees structured?

Everyone asks about fees. Save it for the end, though, when you’re sure this is a company you’d like to do business with.

These are questions we hear all the time, and we’d be happy to answer them for you. When you’re looking for professional San Diego property management, please contact us at Walters Home Management.