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How To Get Your San Diego Property Rental Ready BannerTo prepare your property for the San Diego rental market, you need to be aware of what the market demands in terms of pricing and attracting tenants. Before you list your home and look for tenants, make sure the property is priced competitively. Every investor wants to earn as much as possible in rent every month, but you don’t want to extend your vacancy period or chase away good tenants with a rent that’s too high.

Once you have a rental value established, you’ll need to pay attention to the property’s functionality and aesthetics. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you’re ready to rent your home to great tenants.

Make Necessary Repairs at the Property

It’s important that everything in the property works. Test every appliance and check plumbing and electrical functions before you put your home on the rental market. Showing a home with a broken window or old appliances is pointless. Everything should be move-in ready when you’re preparing your home for the rental market. Don’t list it if there’s still work to be done. Schedule and complete the repairs and the maintenance first, and then clean it.

Clean Your Rental Property Professionally

Showing a vacant unit is typically easier than showing a home that’s still occupied. When you have a vacant home, you can really give it a good clean. Hire a cleaning company that will pay attention to the details. Dust behind and under all the appliances. Clean the baseboards and the ceiling fans. Make sure your bathroom sinks and tubs are sparkling, and remove any trash, debris, or belongings that were left behind by former tenants. A completely empty property will be ready for the rental market. You want prospective new tenants to walk in and immediately imagine themselves living there.

Consider San Diego Curb Appeal

A person lifting up a plant from its rootFirst impressions are very important when you’re renting out a house, so make sure the place looks inviting and welcoming. There shouldn’t be any trash or debris in front of the house, and it’s a good idea to pressure wash the property or the driveway if it’s looking old or worn. Sweep away cobwebs from the front door and windows, and consider fresh paint if things look faded. The yard should be well-landscaped with the grass mowed, weeds pulled, and branches trimmed.

Cosmetic upgrades and updates for the interior and exterior are also a great idea. Outside, you can pay attention to the landscaping and make some upgrades to your building or your home. Inside, everything should look brand new. Fresh paint, hard surface flooring, and even minor things like new drawer pulls in the kitchen of the bathroom can make a big difference to prospective tenants.

When it comes to getting your property ready for the rental market, we can help. Our team is skilled at effectively preparing and leasing properties in San Diego and throughout the surrounding communities. Contact us at Walters Home Management for any help with San Diego property management.