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Rent Collection: Preventing Eviction in San Diego

Collecting rent seems simple enough; your tenant pays it, and you deposit it.

It’s not always that easy. Tenants can forget, pay late, and sometimes struggle to communicate that they need some extra time or a little help. This is a sensitive subject for San Diego rental property owners. Evicting is always an option, but that will take time and money and leave you with a vacancy.

We’ve found that two things are especially important when it comes to collecting rent on time. That’s a consistent rent collection policy and online payment options. Our positive tenant relationships also help – we’re easy to talk to and work with.

Collecting rent on time is one of our most important jobs.

Because we screen thoroughly and consistently enforce the lease, evictions are unlikely at Walters Home Management.

Rent Collection Policies Improve On-Time Payments

Positive tenant relationships are good for your investment property – we’ve said it before.

This is especially apparent when it comes to collecting rent. We work closely with tenants to ensure they meet their obligations and communicate openly when something goes wrong. 

Our rent collection policies are transparent and enforced. They can be found in the lease agreement. Tenants know exactly how much rent is due, when it’s due, and how it should be paid. There is no room for confusion or uncertainty. 

Tenants also understand the consequences of rent being paid late. They know there is a late fee and they know that if they don’t work with us, we will take steps towards eviction. 

San Diego neighborhoods we serve include Carmel Mountain Ranch, Rancho Bernardo, 4S Ranch, and Carmel Valley.


Technology Assists in Rent Collection

By allowing for online rent payments, we’ve found that it’s easier for residents to pay their rent on time every month. Gone are the days of writing out a rent check, sticking it in an envelope, and hunting down a stamp. 

Our investment in innovative property management software allows us to make rent collection easy, accountable, and well-documented. It provides a better service for our owners and our tenants because:

  • Rent payments are fast and automated
  • Tenants can schedule payments in advance
  • Owners get paid faster
  • All processed payments show up on your income statement
  • Payments are secure and convenient for all parties

Tenants prefer paying online, but for those who would rather pay in person or with a check, we make accommodations. This contributes to lower instances of late rent payments.

Avoiding but Preparing for Eviction in San Diego

Our tenants know that rent is due on the first of each month. After the third of the month, rent is considered late. This is clearly stated in our lease agreement. 

We are willing to work with tenants who need extra time or are struggling financially. We have open lines of communication always, and we’re willing to set up payment arrangements and agreements. 

If rent still isn’t received on the fifth of the month and our tenants refuse to talk to us, additional action must be taken. We’ll serve a late notice and begin eviction proceedings if a payment arrangement isn’t made immediately.

This is rare. Our tenants can be counted on to pay on time, and we work together to ensure the expense of eviction is avoided.

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What People Are Saying About Us

Jan 14, 2022
Google Walters Home Management Leah
We have appreciated all WHM has done for us during our tenancy. We purchased a home and needed to vacate our lease 4 months early. Mike, Beth, Marlene and Staci have all been helpful during this process. We loved where we lived and we hope the new tenants enjoy the property as much as we did. Everyone at WHM has been really great to work with and we will be recommending your services to our family and friends.
Jan 6, 2022
Google Walters Home Management Dee
Walter’s Home Management is an extremely professional, competent and competitive property management group. I have two renal properties with them and have been more than satisfied with every dealing I have had with them. I highly recommend every aspect of their services.
Jan 4, 2022
Google Walters Home Management Debbie
WHM has been very helpful in orchestrating all the repairs in my rental unit and preparing it for new tenants in an expedited time frame. Also did an immediate turn around in tenants when a lease was broken. Everything has been smooth and well communicated.
Dec 30, 2021
Google Walters Home Management Scott
Mike Sykes was extremely helpful in getting us into our rental, and also very quickly found a new renter when we bought a new home and had to end the lease a bit early. Mike is very professional and hard working, comes as no surprise as he is a Navy Veteran, and is used to going the extra mile to get things done, no question he is used to hard work…I know as I am a Veteran too. Thank you Mike for doing such a great job for me and my family!
Dec 30, 2021
Google Walters Home Management Vasant
I have worked with whm for over 3years now and I am pleased to say it’s been great. They know their target and are great at capturing the market. My place has never been empty for more then two weeks and truly care about the property and tenants. I am happy to recommend anyone looking to work with whm now or in the future.

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